Why you should select us? 

1- Thirthyfive Years of Experience

Our company, under the Brand of Pina Pool Equipments, started its path in 1981. Year by year, our successful projects are added to our references.

2 - Strong Staff

The most critical step for a successful system is to choose the right human equipment. Choosing the right product requires rigorous engineering preliminary work, expertise and experience. This is our pioneering position in the sector, our experience in application and production that we have accumulated since 1981 and our engineers who know both the sector and products very well. Our engineer staff consists of professionals who have graduated from mechanical, chemical, environmental, industrial and architectural departments of selected universities.

3 - Our Advantage of Being a Manufacturer

One of the strongest reasons of being able to produce special solutions is the advantage of being a manufacturer. While using this advantage, we can produce new solutions before production or apply urgent solutions to problems that may occur, providing 2 years of warranty after service, 10 years of spare parts guarantee and meeting your needs immediately with our stock. You can benefit from the services at hand.

4 - TS 13661

We apply Turkish Standard 13661 about public swimming pools, therapy pools, technical equipment, features and safety rules. As Pina Pool, our basic principle and target is applying TSE 13661 standard in our works. Our team of expert engineers conducts all of their work in this direction.