Since 1976 we are proud to be at your disposal.

Tekimsan Limited company was founded in 1981 for the construction and maintenance of swimming pools and after achieving years of experience, started to develope its own swimming pool products. As one of the oldest, and among the leader brands in the industry, we have successfully produced solutions such as the first pool ladders, the first underwater lighting fixtures and the first glass fiber reinforced polyester sand filters.

Birth of our Pina brand

During the following 20 years, Tekimsan continued its activity not only with the construction of pools, also with the Pina brand, patented in the early 2000's, as a professional manufacturer in pool equipments production.

Exportations started...

We were one of the first companies in our country to export its goods, concretely in 2003. Our brand, which began to enter the European markets, has become one of the most active in exporting activity in the sector by reaching more than 65 countries worldwide nowadays. In the last 6 years, our production reached the capacity to continuously store more than 2000 products with our Pina brand being again among the world's leading factories.

We are in the biggest projects...

Thanks to the trust in our brand and our past experience, one of the largest and most luxurious turn-key projects by Sinpaş Bosphorus, the swimming pools and filtration systems for Varyap Merdian (residential area), was given to us.

Now the biggest wholesaler...

Today, with its 30 years of experience, hundreds of finished construction projects, thousands of local and overseas equipment sales, our tens of thousands satisfied users are enjoying Pina Pool Equipment. Tekimsan Limited Company is pleased to bring you our solutions as an equipment supplier, manufacturer and a partner in your architectural projects.